Rare and exotic octopus found on Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Whilst walking over sand flats at low tide at Low Isles off Port Douglas, Australia, Karri and her son Murray (8) discover a small octopus stranded in a shallow depression of water.

Having spent time diving in the Lembeh strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Karri was amazed to identify it as a mimic octopus which has only recently been described:

"We never knew they occured in Australia and were able to take topside photos and call over the rest of the family to have a look."

With the help of Eye to Eye Marine encounters we sent images to Mark Norman who first described the mimic in the literature who advised this was only the 3rd reliable report of a mimic in Australian waters. The other two being at Lizard island.

After about 10 -15 minutes this friendly creature decided to make a tactical dash to safer territory and climbed out of the water and over some sand hills to retreat in to a neighbouring mantis shrimp hole.

An amazing find for ourselves and 3 young children.

Check out wikipedia for more information about the mimic octopus and amazing footage on you tube. This octopus is perhaps unique in its abilities to mimic the features of other marine creatures perhaps to enable predation or escape danger.


Thanks to Eye to Eye marine encounters for liasing with Mark Norman, octopus expert who confirmed our identification.

An amazing find in our own back yard whilst acting as volunteer caretakers for the Low Isles Preservation Society.

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